Risky or Safe? Apple’s New Handsets; iPhone 5S and 5C

RTR1L0YV11apple-span-articleLargeApple iPhone 5S and 5C handsets unveiled in California

Apple has unveiled two new handsets: the top-end iPhone 5S and a less premium iPhone in California. Chief executive Time Cook and his colleagues are betting that Apple’s new products are more focused on new markets than new technology. Though the iPhone 5S does have one major innovation in the fingerprint sensor, a security feature which may help consumers to make more confident in banking and shopping online. Apple has also made efforts to improve the phone’s photography and capabilities over the previous generation. But in iPhone 5C’s case, it is a cheaper, more plastic and colorful phone which Apple always tried to make a luxury brand. Tim Cook predicted China eventually become Apple’s biggest market, however, I am concerned that its market is already dominated by Android phones in huge numbers, with Samsung and the home-grown Xiaomi.


 The Original iphone Keynote Is Still Amazing to Watch

Why do we analyze Apple’s new products in the mad dash today? Take a minute (or an hour) to sink back into 2007 and remember how new the world we live in is, how quickly a marvel becomes a baseline. Watch the 2007 Steve Jobs keynote today, from when the iPhone was first introduced. At that moment, the product was no mere update or iteration BUT a new class of device. Apple is still waiting for a “wow” moment to give it new momentum like 2007.


One for the money, two for the show

Apple-watchers have long awaited a less fancy Smartphone to compete with cheap and cheerful Andriod phones in places like China. Like September 10th rumors which brand-new phones would launch two handsets,  IPhone 5C and 5S are released. Many Apple fans will be disappointed by what they see as incremental advances under Tim Cook, who took over as the firm’s boss from its visionary late founder, Steve Jobs. They point out that even, fingerprint home button which is main feature of the phone was not exactly ground-breaking, because Motorola already offered similar one in 2011.



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